H96 Max Rockchip RK3399 Hexa Core Android 6.0 4K TV Box – http://tvboxstop.com/2017-tv-boxes/h96-max-review-surprising-results/

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Product Listing:

H96 Max 4GB/32GB US Model – http://tvbs.me/h96-max-us

H96 Max 4GB/32GB UK Model – http://tvbs.me/h96-max-uk

H96 Max 4GB/32GB EU Model – http://tvbs.me/h96-max-eu

H96 Max 2GB/16GB found on same page

In my review of the H96 Max I got a few surprises, I got some really high Benchmark scores and a few operational setbacks. A few of my fellow bloggers have said that the H96 Max is not a good TV box buy, but I am going out on a limb here by saying that the H96 Max is a good box to buy. Yes! it has a few kinks to straightening out, and remember the cooling issue and to use a cooling fan. But the performance in the benchmarks, and the 4K video playback I was really impressed with what I experienced with it. I don’t know if the overheating problem affected their experience with the box but once I used the cooling fan everything went fine, I hope I am making sense to people here. So see you in the next one.

Benchmark Scores – High!

A1 SD Bench:  RAM Copy – 9853MB/s  | ROM – 96.83MB/s  73.48MB/s | SD – 39.22MB/s  15.47MB/s

Antutu – 67711

Geekbench 4 – 1352 Single-core  2556 Multi-core

3D Mark Ice Store Extreme – 7241

Rooted – YES


WiFi Speed – Average

Gameplay – Good

4K Playback – Excellent

Streaming – Good

IO Ports

The H96 Max, comes with:
1 HDMI 2.0
1 RJ45
1 AV port
1 Optical Audio
1 DC power adapter
1 USB 3.0
1 USB 2.0
1 USB type C thunderbolt
1 SD card