H96 Pro TV Stick Android 7.1 Review and Benchmarks – http://tvboxstop.com/2017-tv-boxes/h96-pro-tv-stick-dongle-review/

Product Listing

H96 Pro Dongle US Model – http://tvbs.me/H96-Pro-Dongle-US

H96 Pro Dongle UK Model – http://tvbs.me/H96-Pro-Dongle-UK

H96 Pro Dongle EU Model – http://tvbs.me/H96-Pro-Dongle-EU

This H96 Pro Android 7.1 TV stick is rated by some as the rival the the mainstream TV stick devices, and it breaks the barrier the other TV stick imposes on you. With this stick you get a full rooted version of Android 7.1 operating system which means that you can just about do what ever you want on it with out restrictions. Oh! with the exception of limited internal storage. In this review I performed my usual set of benchmark tests and I even ran some games on it and below are the scores.

Benchmark Scores

Antutu – 40507
GeekBench4 – 558 Single core   2554 Multicore
RAM Copy Speed – 3457 MB/s
Internal Storage Speed – Read 42 MB/s Write 18 MB/s
SD Card Speed – Read 15 MB/s Write 11 MB/s
3D Mark Ice Storm Extreme – 5662
Root Access – Yes Rooted
WiFi Speed – OK


So the H96 Pro TV stick surprised me and performed better than I expected. I like how it comes rooted, the launcher is the same launcher used in the TV box models, it has a navigation bar at the bottom, and it runs on Android 7.1 Nougat. It plays 4K videos like the TV Box version, and it can play some games. The KDMC Kodi build works well, you can watch unlimited streams of movies and TV shows via KDMC and APK downloads.