Alfawise X5 Dual Operating System Intel Mini PC and TV Box Review –

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The Alfawise X5 is one of the few devices out there to date with dual windows and Android operating systems. I was excited at first to see how this device scored in the benchmarks, but was a little dissapointed during the review wnen I stumbled across a couple bumps.

Benchmarks Scores


Antutu -71333
Geekbench4 – 807 single-core 2070 multi-core


Antutu – 53937
Geekbench4 – 847 single-core and 1909 multi-core
3D Mark Ice Storm – 8511
Ram Copy – 3774 MB/s
Internal Speed – 98 MB/s read and 39 MB/s write
SD Speed – 17 MB/s read and 11 MB/s write

The concept of a dual OS is a good, they simply needed to double the RAM and install much more internal storage like 64GB and also install Android 6.0 or 7.1, and this would have made the X5 really sexy and appealing to potential buyers. They could have also included a wireless air mouse to top it off.