Mecool M8S Pro L Android 7.1 TV OS TV Box Review –

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The Mecool M8S pro is not a all new TV box, however it does present two thing not seen in other TV boxes. The first differance is that is runs on Android TV similar to the one use on the Nvidia Shield. This posses some advantages and disadvantages in terms of acceccibility to all apps on the Google Play Store, and some advantages in video playback performance.

The second advantage is the box’s ability to play YouTube videos in 4K quality. This has always been a sore point for most TV boxes only able to show up to 1080p. At the same time it also played all my 4K video samples without any issues.


Antutu – 36399
GeekBenck4 – (503 single-core) (1800 multi-core)
IceStorm Extreme – 4674
Ram Copy – 2709 MB/s
Internal Storage – 55 MB/s read 12 MB/s write
Rooted – Yes
WiFi Speed – Maxed out in 5.8GHz


The Mecool M8S Pro L is not a super TV box, it is just optimized differently like we have never seen before. The Android TV OS version, doesn’t give ease of access to many apps that you would usually install directly off the Google play store, forcing you to download and install them instead via APKs, which you are free to do by the way with the box being fully rooted, and with an included app called appinstaller for installing APKs.