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The Alfawise H96 Mini is one of those boxes that confirms the saying, never judge a book by its cover, or in this case never judge a box by its benchmarks. At first glance without even testing the box , my impression was that this box was another cheap low end TV box and the results would be the same as all the other.

However, I was curious about the Amlogic T962E CPU used on this box ordered it just to see what it ca do. This chip is listed my the manufacturer as a new TV chip used in this device, so what are the results?

Well to my surprise, after being a bit disappointing by low benchmark scores, I was blown away by its user experience.What do I mean by this? If you are a TV box fan and follow all my videos, you would see that I stress on choosing boxes with high-end hardware over low end boxes. This is because high-end hard equals higher, faster performance and a better overall user experience.

However, many times, I have seen high-end boxes that couldn’t deliver on some key areas like playing 4K videos at high bit-rates, run high-end 3D games smoothly without overheating, poor WiFi reception, my personal beef which is that they are rooted, but cannot run key-mapping apps and mirroring apps. This leads to always searching for firmware updates to solve some of these problems.

Whit the Alfawise H96 Mini, I am now forced to rethink my position on benchmark scores and performance. Here’s why, the H96 Mini has a Max CPU clock range of 1.4GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB ROM. It uses the famous Mali 450 from 2016, it has lower benchmark scores and the cheapest Amlogic S192 TV box, and it cost just $59.99. So what would expect with this box. Well let me tell you

1. It’s rooted so well it can run Key-mapping apps and webcams

2. It played all my 4K videos even .ts file format and my jellyfish video at 400 Mbps.

3. The launcher (UI) runs smoothly no lagging jerky movement.

4. It plays 3D games and my high end games too with ease with out overheating of freezing.

Now just these four points alone can be challenging for some high end TV boxes. So I give the Alfawise H96 Mini high scores in my book for being the best low cost Android TV box for 2017.


Antutu – 33717

GeekBench4 – 624 single core / 1809 multi core

Ice Storm Extreme –

Ram Copy Speed – 2679 MB/s

Internal Storage Speed – 67 MB/s read / 48 MB/s write

WiFi Speed – Below maximum