MX9 PRO RK3328 Android 7.1 TV Box Review –

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Well experience with the MX9 Pro was somewhat of a mixed feelings. On one hand I was impressed with the movie streaming and and the impressive 4K video playback. The gaming experience was OK but it was not the best or in other words, it’s playable.

On the other hand, I did not like that the box is not rooted, there is no navigation bar and status bar for multitasking, it can only be obtained using the stock remote menu button. Also the is the good chance of overheating for some reason. The benchmarks were OK in some areas see below.


Antutu – 34617
GeekBench4 – 546 single core, and 1429 multi core
Ice Storm Extreme – 2190
RAM copy speed – 2983 MB/s
internal storage – 97 MB/s Read / 66 MB/s Write
WiFi Speed – average not the best
LAN Speed – Maximum speed