H96 Max H2 64GB Android 4K TV Box Review – http://tvboxstop.com/2018-tv-boxes/h96-max-h2-h96-max-h2-rockchip-rk3328-4k-android-tv-box-review-and-benchmarks/

Product links

H96 Max H2 64GB US Model – http://shrsl.com/yp0a

H96 Max H2 64GB UK Model – http://shrsl.com/yp0f

H96 Max H2 64GB EU Model – http://shrsl.com/yp0g

Benchmarks Scores

Antutu – 61497
GeekBench 4 –  549 Single core – 1500 Multi core
Ice Storm Extreme – 2211
RAM Copy – 2865
ROM Speed – Read 91MB/s – Write 48MB/s
WiFi Speed – 5.8GHz MAX speed – 2.4GHz Half speed

FIRST TIME buyers coupons here – http://shrsl.com/yp0h

Get the Aptoide app store here – https://en.aptoide.com/installer

Best channel for up to date Kodi addons and step by step tutorial. https://youtu.be/DW9qfKbvA7U?list=PLZ6K2f2F1D5wqHjvG8BSjzTeCvQ_bqTLL

The H96 Max H2 is a good performing TV box very little to complain about. This model almost feels like a remake of the H96 Pro+ model, it’s a great online movie streamer, it plays 4K video samples really well, and 3D gaming is good within its given hardware. Netflix and YouTube can play in 4K quality with the app version found on the Aptoide app store, and the box is rooted with the ability to install any app you like from the Google Play store or via APK download.

On the down side, I couldn’t find much of a problem, only that it comes with an Infrared remote control, the 2.4GHz WiFi band recorded slower speed than the 5.8GHz band, one of the 4K jellyfish videos had some difficulty playing, and I couldn’t get my key-mapping application to work under the given root superuser permissions.