ACEPC T9 Intel Atom Z8350 Windows 10 Mini PC –


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User Experience

In using this mini PC as a normal Windows computer, I must say that I was able to do just about anything basic task I wanted. Now I am not saying to go and try video editing or try to use this as a gaming Rig, it’s not that powerful and the box will hit you a blue screen if you try that. However, I was able to use the full version of Microsoft office, use Google Chrome, Install favorite anti-virus software, Watch videos on YouTube, I attempted to run some 4K video samples, and I played a 2GB Need for speed most wanted game. WiFi reception is also good


Antutu – 78232
Geekbench4 – 914 single / 2331 multi
Ice Storm Extreme – 10,435
WiFi – Max on 5.8GHz / 2.4GHz fell just below
RAM copy – 5812MB/s
ROM speed – 134MB/s
SD Card Read – 21MB/s

I did encounter some problems in two areas. First the highest quality I was able to play a YouTube video on was 1080p, it has the option to play videos in 4K but it buffers a lot. The other area was the 4K video samples only two MKV videos at 60fps played, whilst the other formats like H.265 HEVC, TS, and MP4 tried to play but was very broken. Gaming was OK, but you are limited the less than 10GB to install anything, also the quality is not like what you would get from a gaming PC, but it’s very acceptable. The WiFi reception is faster than the LAN port 100Mbps.

Is this good mini PC? I would say yes it is. Its portable small and light weight, great for small projects and office presentations. There’s a Bonus, the ACEPC T9 is one of the few mini PCs that can install Pheonix OS and dual boot Android and Windows. Just be mindful to install a previous version like Lillipop of KitKat because you are low in internal storage. You can try loading from a flash drive also just make sure it is a USB 3.0 drive and use it on the USB 3.0 port. I tried the Pheonix OS Android 7.1 Nougat version and it was too much for the T9 to process. That’s what I meant when I said this could be the future of Android on a micro desktop device.