Alfawise T1 Intel N4100 Windows 10 Mini PC Dual Boot Project –

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The Alfawise T1 is the mini PC I choose to do my Dual OS project, because it has some powerful hardware specs and it also has the right storage configuration to facilitate a second operating system.

The Windows 10 operating system performs great with the the ability to run any Windows program. The 3D graphics processor on this Mini PC is not very powerful, but you can still play some low end games.

This is my first Android OS on a PC hardware project, and I must say that the benchmark scores are really high compared to scores seen in ARM hardware.

Benchmark Scores:

Antutu – 94264
Geekbench 4 – 2039 single-core / 5971 multi-core
Ice Storm Extreme – 785 (poor score)
Ram Copy – 9309 MB/s
Internal Storage – 484MB/s Read / 370 MB/s Write
WiFi / LAN – Maximum peak speed
Rooted – YES