Scishion AI One Android TV Box Review

Scishion Ai One with remote

The Scishion AI one Android 8.1 4K TV box is one of the first Android TV boxes to run on Android 8.1 Oreo for 2018. It great looking TV box with really good hardware specs and the performance for your money.  In this review, it shined a lot in the area of 4K video playback, online streaming, and 3D gaming. 

Scishion AI one CPU RK3328


The Scishion AI One comes with some great hardware specs. It runs on the Rockchip RK3328 Cortex A53 quad core CPU. The GPU is the ARM Mali450 MP2. It has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Comes with single band 2.4GHz WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

IO Ports

IN the Scishion AI one you have all the modern ports needed for a great cinematic experience. You get:

  • 1 HDMI 2.0
  • 2 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 1 RJ45 LAN 1000Mbps
  • 1 AV port
  • 1 SPDIF optical audio
  • 1 Micro SD card port
  • 1 Reset button

 Scishion AI One  Ports

Software Environment

The Scishion AI One runs on the latest Android 8.1.0 operating system which offers some new features to TV boxes, the most popular one being the voice search and voice commands feature. This also began the including of a wireless voice search remote controls in the package. The user interface is smooth with horizontal sliding bars to navigate the box. However, it does not come with a navigation bar, or status bar for multitasking. The box is also not rooted, which is not much of a big issue unless you intend on using such apps that require it.

Scishion AI One OS


  • Antutu: 38056
  • Geekbench4: 610 single core / 1640 multi core
  • Ice Storm Extreme: 2219
  • RAM Copy: 3198
  • ROM Speed: 97 MB/s read / 86 MB/s write
  • WiFi Speed: Very fast
  • LAN Speed: Average

Scishion AI One Memory

User Experience


The performance of the AI One in my opinion is very good. The interface is smooth and very responsive to the voice remote. The data read and transfer speed of the USB 3.0 port is really fast, allowing 4K videos to stream directly off of a USB 3.o flash drive.

Scishion AI One Voice Search

4K Video Playback

This was most impressive to me. I played all my 4K video samples the highest quality 60fps via a USB 3.0 flash drive, and boy did they run smoothly without a single hiccup. I highly recommend this box for 4K video playback.

Scishion AI One 4K video playback


The gaming experience was also really good. With graphics settings set to maximum, the Scishion AI One was able to play all my games with ease.


Well Netflix can only stream in standard 420p or 720p as the case my be, due insufficient Google Widevine DRM support L3 (L1 needed). However, you can watch movies and TV shows in HD and 4K quality on other APK downloads apps like Terrarium TV and others.



Should you buy?

Yes I like this box, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a great 4K video player and online movie streaming TV box. Gameplay is great and the price is less than $60.00.



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