Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset – http://tvboxstop.com/2018-headphones/onikuma-k6-led-gaming-headset-review/

See it on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2whIyhw

Onikuma website – http://www.oni-kuma.com/

See it on TomTop – http://shrsl.com/14u6m

Personal User Experience

With a price tag of under $30, I was expecting some sort of substandard sound quality compared to those found in other top name brands. However, I was quite surprised of the build quality and sound quality of this headset. During the Microsoft Dolby Atmos sound test, I felt like I was in 4DX cinema. The bass quality is really deep but not over loud, and the mid-range sound and treble was of a high fidelity. The microphone reception is really clear and receptive, and the head set fits my head easily.  So if you want great gaming sound quality for under $30, give this headset a try.