A95X Max Amlogic S905X2 TV Box Review

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So we already know that the Amlogic S905X2 and the Mali G31 is off to a great start for 2019 and just when you thought you have seen it all the A95X Max TV Box arrives with something new. I have been monitoring the A95X brand for some time now and it appears that are very consistent in delivering solid Android TV boxes, and it seems like they are well researched and presents features based on the user experience in mind. In this latest release they are taking it up a notch and delivering features that’s both innovative, attractive, and competitive. 


A95X Max Hardware

The A95X Max fall into the same category as the X96 Max and the T95Q. It runs on the new Amlogic S905X2 quad core CPU, but the difference in the A95X Max it that they governed the CPU clock speed to 1.7 GHz. The S905X2 can run up to 2.0GHz by design but at that frequency there is going to have overheating issues, hence the 1.7 GHz limitation.

The display is powered by the Mali G31 GPU with a refresh rate of 60Hz and OpenGL ES 3.2. The performance from this new GPU has been great thus far and has out performed previous GPU’s like the Mali 450.

The memory and storage is where there is a difference on this box. It comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM and 64GB internal storage which is great, but also comes with brand new feature which is a SATA storage expandable bay to the top of the box with a max capacity of 2TB.

It has 802.11ac dual band 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1.


IO Ports With Extras

  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 USB 2.0
  • 3 USB 3.0
  • 1 SATA Expansion Bay
  • 1 Optical Audio
  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet LAN
  • 1 Audio Video
  • 1 Micro SD card reader

A95X_Max_rear A95X_Max_Side

Android OS/UI/Apps

With all those hardware specs and IO ports the A95X Max does not stop there. The box comes with one of the best launchers for 2019 that features changeable main function buttons, expandable shortcuts with easy remove feature. It comes with a navigation bar to the bottom and a notifications bar to the top, something I highly appreciate and would encourage all TV box manufacturers to follow this trend as it provides a very easy way to navigate a TV box with home and back buttons, volume controls and  multitasking capability.

The box runs on a full version of Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, it is rooted. Also if you don’t want root access you have the option the switch off the root in the advanced settings area. The box on the other hand does not not have the required DRM support for Netflix to show in HD or 4K quality. Netflix will not install off of the Google play store, so you will have to install the Aptoide app store and install the latest Netflix build. Once installed Netflix only shows in standard quality.

The A95X max comes with screen recording app to record activity like gaming and anything you want to record live on your box. However it is limited to 720p only.




4K Video Playback/Streaming/Gaming

If you have lots of 4K videos and games you can install a 2TB hard drive or SSD and install into the SATA expansion bay and have easy access to your files for quick and fast playback. In my reviews I always play the same 4K samples all at 60fps and in MKV, MP4, and TS formats. The A95X Max was able to play most of them with ease, but struggled with the Jellyfish video at 400Mbps.

The YouTube app does not come pre-install, however you are free to install the regular version from the Google Play Store, or the Android TV version from the Aptoide app store. The Android TV version plays in 4K quality, and the regular version plays up to 1080p.

The high performance gaming continues with the MAli G31 GPU on this box , I had a very good gaming experience with full key-mapping capability.



  • Antutu – 56380
  • GeekBench4 – 669 single-core  2013 multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 4782
  • Sling Shot  – 489
  • RAM speed – 2027.61 MB/s
  • ROM speed – 147.85 MB/s read  103 MB/s write
  • SATA speed – 50.89MB/s read  60.97 MB/s write
  • WiFi/LAN speed –  Max speed on all connections


Final Thoughts

I really like the performance and UI experience on this box. The specs and IO ports are great along with than new SATA expansion bay that can accommodate a 2TB drive. I like how the box has root on and off switch. My movie streaming, YouTube, 4K video playback, and gaming experience was a good one.  

from TV Box Stop http://tvboxstop.com/2019-tv-boxes/a95x-max-amlogic-s905x2-android-8-1-quad-core-2tb-sata-expansion-tv-box/